2005+ Panther Cruise install


The following information, pictures and research are used with permission and courtesy of member 06_P71
This write up if for 2005+ panther owners who desire cruise control in their non-cruise vehicle.

Step one was to buy a steering wheel for a cruise control-equipped '06 car. The part number I needed was 7W7Z-3600-BD. There are two different steering wheel designs for '06, and are date-of-build dependent. Unsure of what the '05 cars need, but the dealer will know. The wheel came with the appropriate switches and harness already installed. List price is $118.08, which became $88.56 after discount.
That arrived yesterday, so I went to work.

Step two was to pop the airbag off and set aside.
05+ airbag removal:

There are four mount points for the airbag. You basically move a spring-loaded rod out of the way to unlatch each mount point.
The access is on the back of the wheel. Note the four small holes on the outer portion of the center section:

Using a very narrow screwdriver or the like, insert into a hole, aiming for the center of the hub. You'll eventually feel the spring-loaded rod, noting that it gives only a little bit as you push against it. You're only displacing it a very small amount to release each latch, as indicated in the following pictures:

Step three was to remove the ugly stock steering wheel with a harmonic balancer puller.
Here are the two steering wheels. One is ugly, and the other is ugly and has switches:

At the bottom of this picture is where the steering wheel harness (the red connecters visible on each wheel in the first pic) plugs into the column. The two plugs coming out of the yellow conduit are for the airbag.

Here is the ugly new steering wheel with cruise control switches installed and ready to go:

Step four was the only frustrating part - going to the dealer. All that needed to be done (once the hardware was installed) was to have the cruise control function in the PCM electronically enabled. This took all of ten minutes via laptop computer and cost me $119! Argh!

Anyway, it works great. On, off, accel, decel, resume - all of the basic cruise control functions that I wanted.

Note, vehicles with performance tunes will have to do some extra work with their tuner after the cruise function is uploaded to retain the cruise feature after the reflash.



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