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All of this info is directly from brochures and owner's manuals from Ford.
All 1992+ panthers have a 4.6l engine. Town Car first recieved the 4.6l for 1991 model year.
The 2003-2004 Marauder uses a 4.6l DOHC (4v), all others are the 4.6l SOHC (2v)

For panther platform cars:

YearPanther ModelnPI/PI (4.6l SOHC)ExhaustTQ & HP
-'91CV/GMQ/TC *Exc. '91 TC5.0lsingle270lb-ft 150hp
-'91CV/GMQ/TC *Exc. '91 TC5.0ldual280lb-ft 160hp
'92-'95-ALL-nPIsingle260lb-ft 190hp
'92-'95-ALL-nPIdual270lb-ft 210hp
'96-'97-ALL-nPIsingle265ft-lb 190hp
'96-'97-ALL-nPIdual275ft-lb 210hp
'98-'00-ALL-nPIsingle275ft-lb 200hp
'98-'00-ALL-nPIdual285ft-lb 215hp
'98-'99**Town Car (only)  nPIsingle 280lb-ft 205hp
'98-'99**Town Car (only)  nPIdual290 lb-ft 220hp
'01-'02-ALL-PIsingle265ft-lb 220hp
'01-'02-ALL-PIdual275ft-lb 235hp
'03+-ALL-PIsingle275ft-lb 224hp
'03+-ALL-PIdual287ft-lb 239hp
'04+CVPIPIdual297lb-ft 250hp
'03-'04Marauder4.6 DOHC/4V  dual318lb-ft 302hp


**Excluding vehicles produced for sale in CA,NY, MA, CN



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