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My 1996 Grand Marquis "LSE SC"

Pictures of My Marquis

Brief intro on the car:

    Two owner car, myself being the second owner. I took ownership at a little over 40k miles in August of 2004, at the same local Lincoln|Mercury dealer the car was ordered and purchased from (he traded it in on a new model). The car was (and still is) in excellent condition, and is all-original. The original owner was an elderly man in his 80s. Before I assumed ownership, the car had never even been driven in rain or snow! He ordered the car at the local Lincoln|Mercury dealer to his liking and took delivery shortly before the 'job 2' mid 1996 model year models were rolling out (it's a 'job 1' early build '96). I have all the documentation given to him, including; window sticker; manuals in factory zipper case; factory tire information pamphlet; MD resident information pamphlet; 1996 Grand Marquis; 1996 Mercury model line-up brochure; 1996 Grand Marquis "Quick tips" guide; original dealer sales paperwork and salesman's and general manager's business cards; Mercury Commitment warranty card and roadside assistance info; Keyless entry code card; both RKE fob keysets; and all dealer service records. I'd like to get the factory build sheet reprinted if possible, anyone got a hook up?
It even has all the factory chalk marks and stickers on the frame, engine, etc. and is on the factory brake rotors and pads! (and even tires before I upgraded). The car was in impeccable new condition underneath when I got it - as if it was fresh off the assembly line. Sadly, although I only drove it in the winter and rain a small (very) handful of times it was never the same underneath afterwards, like the color of the bare cast aluminum transmission and such which bothers me. It still has absolutely NO rust of any sort underneath at all, and would still be considered 'like new' to most. The car is used only as an occasional weekend ride now, and sits parked under cover most of the time to preserve it's condition. Pretty rediculous considering it is still a Grand Marquis, however :D Honestly, it was more fun when I actually used the car some - but I decided to keep it like-new so it no longer goes out in any type of bad weather. It's pretty fun and drives real nice, power in plentiful with the supercharged powerplant and it handles excellent (for a 3800lb 4 door BOF car) after my suspension modifications. I enjoy working on it as space is plentiful and everthing is straight forward. Always have some sort of project going on with it. It gets tons of compliments from older guys when I take it out.

If you're wondering about the "LSE" name - I gave it the "LSE" trim name after I completed the floor console and shifter conversion (see below) The Grand Marquis LSE package option, which includes HPP and a floor shift and console, did not appear until 2001 and was never available before, I just thought it would be cool to give it the same name. The "SC" naturally stands for Supercharged ;)

Optional Features Include:


Modification highlights:

TONs more modifications than that, the complete list with part numbers is here: https://www.crownvic.net/drock96marquis/MERCmods.htm

 My '95 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC

Brief intro on the car:

   Two owner car, myself being the second owner. The original owner ordered and took delivery of the car at the same local Lincoln|Mercury dealership as my Marquis. It's a late build, 'job 2' 95.5 model with the LSC performance package. The LSC package was new for mid 1995 model year.
Its fully documented, even more so than my Marquis. It has everything you can think of, even more than what's typically given to the owner's. Of which including; window sticker; order guide and form; factory build sheet; manuals; factory tire information pamphlet; MD resident information pamphlet; 1995 Mark VIII brochure; 1995 Lincoln model line-up brochure; 1995 Mark VIII LSC brochure; original dealer sales paperwork and salesmen's, floor, and general manager's business cards; Ford|JBL Premium Sound introduction cassette tape; Lincoln Commitment warranty card and roadside assistance info; Lincoln owner Cross pen and cross leather manual booklet; Keyless entry code card; both RKE fob keysets and valet keyset; all dealer service records; it even came with the original seat plastic wrappings, and radio and HVAC plastic covers in a bag! He even ordered the original print Ford Service Manaul '95 Mark VIII EVTM and Service paperback books, I keep them in the trunk.
I wonder if that makes it a little more valuable? I'd hope so, especially if I hang on to the car a little while. Otherwise I'm storing all this crap for nothing :P

The car is nowhere near the condition of my Marquis, but it still looks pretty nice IMO. Unlike my Marquis, this car was actually used as.. well, a car lol so it saw rain, some snow, etc. so the undercarriage isn't all perfect. The body is very clean although it does have a couple scratches (but no dents) and some general wear and tear, primarily the interior. But, I still love the car and wouldn't mind sinking some funds into it to restore it's condition soon. One plus to it's more used condition is I don't mind driving it around, showing it off and taking it out whenever. It's really just a 'toy' for me, and like anything I own I maintain it as best as possible.
This car is also a lot more fun to drive, though - not solely from a performance aspect but I also love how it's such a head turner, I'm always getting questions about it, compliments and thumbs up - it gets a lot of respect on the road. When it drops down that nearly extra inch on the highway it looks like it's ready to eat the pavement. It sure isn't fun to work on, though! lol Things are cramped and being so low it's hard to even get the car lifted for routine maintenance.

It was modified some by the previous owner, including the body kit, the double round chrome Ferrari exhaust tips, gold plating on all emblems, a few trims monochromed, the SCT performance chip, and some 'alterations' to the factory exhaust system :D

Optional features include:
Basically, every option available that year with exception to the moonroof. I actually asked the previous owner why he ordered it without, and he simply said he does not like them! I may add one later on, or maybe just a fixed glass panel as I don't have much desire to open it.

Mods include:    (home)

For additional pictures and galleries, navigate through the subfolders of the "My 1995 Lincoln Mark VIII" parent folder found on my supermotors page

 The Superduty
('96 7.3L DI Power Stroke Turbo Diesel F-SUPERDUTY)


Mods include:

Optional Features Include:

More exterior pictures of my F-450






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