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So, you own a late-model panther platform car and don't understand all this MZT, BOC, MM MAF, nonsense everyone has been suggesting you?
Just looking for some ideas for quick and easy bolt ons that work on our cars?

"MZT" is an acronym board members have recently been using for Mercury Marauder (MM) airbox and mass-airflow sensor (MAF), 2004 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor/CVPI Zip tube, and a PCM Tune upgrade 'package'

For 1992.5-2004 panther owners, this package is one of the most popular and proven modifications for our cars - and our site sponsors can hook you up!
This modification is an excellent starting point to build upon with future mods. The airbox and MAF support more airflow, increasing power and actually draw COLD air from behind the headlamp whilst keeping a stock appearance under hood. The tune also increases power and enhances the car's performance by itself.

Here is the "MZT" installed (on my car):

As you can see, it keeps a nice clean stock look and is a direct fit.

*Note: the 2004+ CVPI already has a Marauder-style airbox and MAF from the factory. It is recommended to keep this setup, but still go for the tune.
-2004 models can use the 2004+ CVPI airbox/MAF instead of the Marauder airbox/MAF provided the correct connector is soldered in. Again, tuning still required.
Pinout charts;

*Note 2004+ CVPI 80mm MAF transfer function is different from the Marauder 80mm unit - the MAFs are not interchangeable using the same tune. The Marauder MAF also supports higher peak airflow.

2005+ non-CVPI panther owners can use the Marauder MAF and airbox provided you solder in the older style 6pin MAF harness. If this is not desired, a 2004+ CVPI airbox is a direct swap with the same connector. Tuning is still required. The MM MAF does support higher airflow than the 04+ CVPI 80mm as well...

2005+ non-CVPI owners can use any 2005+ CVPI zip tube to get rid of their stock intake resonators. All 2005+ use the same MAF outlet size, so the stock tubes will also work fine with the MM or 04+ CVPI 80mm MAFs. The CVPI tube is desired because of it's lack of intake resonators which results in a little more intake noise.
2005+ panthers must use a 2005+ tube, as the '05+'s electronic throttle control eliminated the IAC and it's supply tube. https://www.crownvic.net/drock96marquis/ziptube.htm

Some other popular entry-level bolt-on modifications which do not require PCM tuning are;

Of course, the sky is the limit - from headswaps to forced induction, even complete powertrain swaps. But this gives you an idea of a few simple, effective bolt-ons that are popular amongst panther owners. Search throughout the High-Performance forum on CrownVic.net for discussion on other performance modifications and more information on those listed above!



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