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Just some information on the 1990+ Town Car / 1992+ Crown Victoria/Grand Marquis (and '03-'04 Marauder) RAS system, for those who are curious.

The panther RAS system was, and continues to be one of the smoothest and well engineered of its kind. It has remained virtually unchanged from it's conception on the 1990 Lincoln Town Car to current models rolling off the line at St. Thomas today.
RAS has been standard equipment on the Town Car since it's introduction in 1990. It has been optional on the Crown Victoria and Grand Marquis, included with Towing Package ('92-'96), Handling & Performance Package, Sport Appearance('01)/LX Sport ('02+) Package (Crown Vic), "LSE" package (Grand Marquis), and as an option on upper model trims depending on year. RAS has most recently become standard equipment on all Grand Marquis trims.

Basic operation info:

Component locations / Basic info:

Operation principles:

Here is all the info, right from the service manual

  • Air Suspension Height Sensor

  • Vehicle Speed Sensor

  • Control Module

    Here is a picture of all the RAS components, excluding the computer and switch:

    Pictured is a 90-97 Town Car system, all are similar, however.
    The air springs pictured are base rate. The upper part where the hose connection is located is the cap. The tapered cylinder at the bottom is the piston. It is plastic and rests atop the axle's spring pearch.

    A brand-new Firestone 98+ base RAS sir-spring:

    The label:

    Pair of 98+ base-rate airsprings at operating position

    THe piston (what rests atop axle spring perch), base-rate:

    The cap & solenoid:

    A 90-97 base label:

    98-02 height-sensor:

    Courtesy https://www.crownvic.net/liquid
    03+ Height sensor:

    ---Courtesy sid210sa

    For info on adjusting the RAS ride height, check this link:
    Note, 03+ owners have commented that the sensor must be moved the opposite of the 98-02 directions.


    Component swapping and replacement:

    This article was meant to provide an understanding of just how the panther RAS system works.
    For system repair and diagnosis, please refer to this link: http://www.lincolnsonline.com/tech/00061.html



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