dRock's Express-down Passenger window mod


I saw a thread asking about how to add the auto/express/one-touch down feature to the passenger side recently and thought I'd post up another way how to do it. I completed this mod in my own car a few months ago, it's extremely easy to do and inexpensive using a one-touch module and pigtail from a -'02 panther.

You can do this on any 1992+ CV/GMQ (Town Car similar), including '03+

Naturally, first you need to source a One-Touch down module from a 2002 or older panther. The module is bright blue (the same shape and connector style as many late 80s and early/mid '90s Ford trac and defrost switches) and is behind the driver's door panel (removal info in the BOK forum) of equipped models
You'll find it on all 1993-1994 models (new feature for '93), 1995-2002 retail models w/o Keyless Entry, or a '93-'95 and '00-'02 CVPI/Fleet (decontented '96-'99)
ALSO you will need to snip off the pigtail (leaving wires as long as possible) for it.

(*Note, you're not limited to panthers. The same module was used in MANY Ford models of the era, including Mark VIIIs, Continentals, Town Cars, Marqs/Vics, T-birds/Cougars, Taurus etc. The wiring colors provided later on are specific to the panther pigtails, however)

Now you need to wire it up. This is very easy to do and is all done inline/at the passenger window switch panel wiring harness.
Here is a wiring diagram;

(Click for fullsize)

The yellow/red stripe wire MUST be cut. The upstream side (TOWARDS SWITCH) goes to the one-touch pigtail tan/black stripe wire. The downstream side (TOWARDS SPEAKER/CAR) goes to the one-touch pigtail yellow wire.
The Red/yellow stripe wire does not have to be cut, only spliced into with the white/black stripe wire from one-touch pigtail
The yellow/green stripe wire on the one-touch pigtail is for power, this gets SPLICED into the Red/Light blue wire in the wiring harness (supplies power to window switch when lockout is OFF)
The black wire is just ground, I grounded the module right at it's metal mount. Works fine.

For mounting, you need to make sure you have enough clearance behind the door panel and are away from any of the mounting 'hooks' used to hang the door panel on most models.
Using the metal bracket already on the one-touch module, I riveted it (along with the module ground wire) to the door shell in a similar location to the driver's door module on the LH side of '95+ models. There is ample clearance here and is conveniently right next to all the wiring you need to splice into.

Here are a couple pictures of the one-touch module mounted and wired up on my car;

Close-up of module;

(The two blue wires are for my pullcup illumination mod)

The feature works just like the driver's door, one tap of the switch and the module takes over dropping the window down.
What's nice about wiring it AT the passenger door is it not only allows the auto-down feature to work using the master window switch control for passenger window, but with the passenger's control as well EXCEPT when the window lockout switch on master panel is ON

BTW - you're not limited to the passenger front window. You could add a module for every window if you wanted.

If you reverse how you tap into the factory motor wires the module will work backwards as an auto-up module. Currently, I have one wired like this on my driver's door so the Driver's Door Module (my car has RKE) controls the Auto/One-touch down function, the one-touch module controls the auto-up - all with a tap of the switch. Pretty slick :cool:





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