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All of this info is directly from Ford|Lincoln|Mercury Brochures
NOTE - weight varies depending on trim/options. These are the curb weights, meaning the weight of the vehcile with all factory trim, and all fluids filled.
Some of the brochures listed a different weight for a model year despite the lack of any design changes within its year range, in these cases the lowest weight published is listed first, followed by the highest. Some others have been averaged if they were all close.

Year RangeModel~Weight
1979-1982CV: (GMQ Similar)
LTD Sedan, 2D
LTD Sedan, 4D
LTD Landau Sedan, 2D
LTD Landau Sedan, 4D
LTD Wagon, 5D

1980-1983Mark VI:
4 Door / Sedan
2 Door / Coupe

4 Door / Sedan
2 Door / Coupe

1983-1989CV:(GMQ Similar)
S Sedan, 4D
Sedan, 2D
Sedan, 4D
S Wagon, 5D
Wagon, 5D
Country Squire Wagon, 5D

1990-1991CV: (GMQ Similar)
Sedan, 4D
Country Squire Wagon, 5D
Wagon, 5D

95-97TC~4031~4040 (1997: ~3997lbs)
Town Car (all trims)
Town Car 'L' series

~5400lbs!??! (*Per 02 TC brochure)
Town Car (all trims)
Town Car 'L' series

~5,502-5,515lbs (*Est based on 02 'L' weight+ 03+ weight gains)

---Special thanks to 'Tiggie' with his Box panther weight contributions!




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