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dRock's Vehicles
A few teaser pictures and information about my other vehicles

My SuperMotors gallery, filled with albums of pictures of my Marquis and other vehicles, as well as technical diagrams

dRock's Modifications
A complete list of all my Merc's mods
dRock's Modifications
All of my Mark VIII's mods

My Panther FAQs

Panther Platform Wheel & Tire FAQ
Information for all 1992+ panthers

Panther Platform Seat Swaps FAQ
Info on seat swaps in 1992+ panthers. Electrical and airbag/sensor info covered as well

Panther Platform Ziptube FAQ
Just some observations on 92+ 'zip-tube' variances, airboxes and MAFs also lightly covered

Panther Platform Rear Air Suspension FAQ
Some info on the Panther RAS system

Panther Platform Tachometer install FAQ
Information on Installing a tachometer in a 92+ panthers

Panther Platform "MZT" and Bolt-on performance FAQ
Information on the popular Marauder airbox upgrade among other easy bolt-ons

'92+ Panther Engine, Oil, ATF and Power Steering cooling systems FAQ
Info and year to year changes for the fluid cooling systems on '92+ panthers

More Panther Info

92+ Panther Platform HP and TQ ratings
Ratings published by Ford

Panther Platform Curb Weights
Ratings published by Ford

1979+ Panther production numbers
Sales figures for '79+ CV/GMQ/TC/MM/MKVI

Trunk-mounted Power Distribution
Wiring high-amp capability power to the trunk of a panther

2003+ Panther front shock replacment
Info from the Ford Service Manual on 2003+ panther front shock replacement with pictures.
Can be applied to 03+ front spring swaps as well

1994-2002 CV/GMQ/TC front and rear door panel removal how-to
Info and pictures to aide removal of a 92-94 Panther door panel

1995-2002 CV/GMQ/TC front and rear door panel removal how-to
Info and pictures to aid removal of a 95-02 Panther door panel

03+ CV/GMQ/MM/TC front and rear door panel removal how-to
Info from the Ford Service Manual on 2003+ Panther door panel R&R

'00+ BeltMinder disable procedure
Instructions to enable/disable the 'BeltMinder' seat belt warning chime on 2000 and newer panthers

2005+ Panther Cruise Retrofit
Info on retrofitting cruise control on a 2005+ panther

'92+ Panther platform 5-speed t-45 swap write-up
Info on swapping the stock AODE/4R70W/4R75E/4R75W in favor of a T-45 five-speed manual, by Funkrider

'92-'97 Panther COP conversion info
Info for converting from stock coil packs and wires to '98+ style COP ignition

'95+ Panther LCM flasher relay bypass
Info on bypassing the LCM's internal flasher relay in favor of a standalone unit to cure fast flash w/ LED replacements bulbs

Express-down Passenger Window mod
Info on retrofitting a one-touch/auto down module to the passenger window(s) of 1992+ panthers

Express-UP driver's Window mod
Info on retrofitting a one-touch/auto down module to function as an auto-UP module for 1992+ panthers

'92-'97 Trac assist disable mod
Info on retrofitting a disable/defeat switch on 1992-1997 models with Traction Assist/control

'92+ Autolock, horn chirp, keypad, and RKE programming
Ford factory service manual procedures to enable or disable the AutoLock automatic door lock feature and Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) lock confirmation horn chirp feature; as well as programming instructions for additional personal keycodes for keypad entry and for additional remote keyless entry transmitter keyfobs.

Panther wiring diagrams

Panther Fuse block charts
Fuse block diagrams for 1992 and up panther platform vehicles

Panther Instrument Cluster Schematics and Pinouts
Wiring diagrams and connector pinouts for '92+ instrumentation

Panther LCM / lighting circuits and pinouts
Wiring diagrams and connector pinouts for lighting systems on '92+ panthers. (ie Signals, exterior lamps, courtesy lamps, LCM etc.)

Panther Transmission Control diagrams/pinouts
Wiring diagrams and connector pinouts for the electronic transmission and controls

Panther Electronic Engine Controls / Ignition
Wiring diagrams and connector pinouts for the electronic engine controls on '92+ panthers (ie PCM, ignition, fuel)

Panther Body/Chassis/MISC diagrams and pinouts
Wiring diagrams and pinouts for miscellaneous modules/systems used throughout the vehicle (ie ABS, airbags, locks and windows, radios, interior components, etc.)

MISC Tech pics and diagrams
Wiring diagrams, pinouts, tech illustrations and other miscellaneous tech can be found here




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