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All panthers use a 5x4.5" bolt pattern.


03+ Other Wheel info: Other notes:
HPP wheel variances:

There are three varieties of the 93-02 HPP wheels; 93-96; 97-98; and 99-02.

Pictured is one of my 93-96 HPP wheels
LX Sport wheel variances:

After recieving a few emails about this, I think I should clarify. 01-02 Sport<>03+ Sport

How rim measurements work:
For those looking into aftermarket rims, keep in mind:

As you see, when calculating the minimum offset required, rim width must also be used. Keep this in mind if purchasing wider rims.

The closer to zero the offset is, the closer the wheel mounting surface is to the wheel center line. This also gives the wheel more 'dish'. Zero and below will have a noticeable dish. 0-10 mm is typical of a traditional RWD vehicle. Higher offsets, ~40mm+ are typical to FWD vehicles.

The higher the offset, the 'flatter' the wheel front will be. 03+ panthers use a very flat, high positive offset wheel. -02 use a low offset wheel

Make sure you don't overlook the centerbore specification, if the centerbore is too small the wheel will not slide over the hub lips used to keep the wheel concentric. If too large the wheel is no longer hubcentric which may cause vibration issues at high speeds.
Panther wheels use a 70.6mm center bore size to slide over the hub(s) for a hubcentric fit.
If you get aftermarket wheels, they must use this size to clear the hubs whillst retaining hubcentricity.
If the wheels have a center bore larger than 70.6mm, a hubcentric ring/shim should be used on each wheel to fill the gap and eliminate possible vibration issues.
If the center bore is smaller; one would either have to find a way of precisely machining the center bore larger; or select a different whel.
The aforementioned Ford wheel offerings (Mustang, Explorer, Panther, etc.) use 70.6mm center bore.


Factory sizes:
-97 15" wheels, non-CVPI215/70r/15
-97 15" wheels, CVPI225/70r/15
all years 16" wheels** 225/60r/16
01+ LX Sport/SAP 17" wheels235/55r/17
03-04 Marauder 18" wheels235/50r/18-front 245/55r/18-back
03+ Lincoln Town Car 17" wheels225/60r/17
06+ CVPIs w/ 17" wheels235/55r/17

**98-02 Town Car Touring Sedans (16" wheels) 235/60r/16




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